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image is kicking off our Ambassador Program with a couple of Berliners that are taking the summer in Berlin to a new level. Alexander Katz and Felix Riederer von Paar of SchleckDruff.

First off…What are your names? Where are you from? And what do you do?

ALEX: My name is Alex and I’m originally from Berlin. After having studied abroad I got to work in the start up scene and eventually started my own business together with Felix: Making the world a better place with frozen drinks as popsicles ;-)

FELIX: Hi my name is Felix,  I’m 26 years old and i was born near Passau in Bavaria. For 2 two years i have been living in Berlin and working as a marketing manager for a fin-tech company located in Berlin. I’m also one of the Founders of SchleckDruff.

Tell us a little about SchleckDruff?

ALEX: SchleckDruff has the claim to be a real frozen drink on a stick without any compromises. Comparable to a real drink, not to a usual popsicle as we used to know. We mainly target events with connection to music where we think this product is made for! The idea for SchleckDruff was born by pure chance and after we have found, that there is no serious product in this market that could serve our needs (as responsibly drinking dudes), we just did it!

FELIX: With SchleckDruff we wanted to translate our favorite drinks into popsicles. After 6 month of developing our first two products (Gin&Tonic, Moscow Mule) we finally had boozicles containing 11,5% Vol. Alc, The idea came uo, after we realized that such a product would be perfect for parties which happen during the day.

Okay that sounds nice, where can I find it?

ALEX: Right now, you can order it directly from us via mail, or buy it regularly at Amano rooftop or “Bis Späti” at Oderberger Straße. Also, we are more and more present on festivals. Just check out our social media channels for the latest updates! In the future, we will of course be available be at numerous bars, clubs and stores (mainly Spätis), but for now the distribution is rather exclusive.

FELIX: Because we have just started distributing our frozen drinks, we are selling our products on openairs, festivals, bars or nightclubs in and around berlin. We are also able to send our products to locations all over germany. Since last week you can buy SchleckDruff at “Bis Späti”, a shop in oderbergerstr next to the Mauerpark.

What makes a good event for you?

ALEX: The right people, no pressure and , last but not least, a good venue (and, OF COURSE, depending on the event, MUSIC!!!). I think, many events nowadays are highly organized and try heavily to provide the guest with an unforgettable experience. I appreciate that, but honestly, the best events I know are those, where you can’t really tell why they catch you so much. The are simply down-to-earth and make you feel good. This ranges from dinner parties and birthdays to clubbing and festivals.

FELIX: For me a good event is when you have this “WOW” effect. If everything is well organised and you dont have to take care about anything. I love open airs and festivals, because it is always an escape from the normal day to day business.

What are your top 3 venues in Berlin?


  • KaterBlau (haven’t been there yet, BUT, from my personal experiences in its predecessor Kater Holzig, I have to inclide it anyway!
  • Wilde Renate (very special and incomparable to other clubs)
  • Club der Visionäre (one of the most chilled spots ever and if you are into high-quality electronic music you are overwhelmed by the line up form time to time!)


  • Amano Rooftop Bar
  • Rummelsburg
  • Else (Open Air Space of Wilde Renate)

Best story from an event?

ALEX: It’s within the nature of this question that it shall not be answered if one is honest and the interview is published publicly ;-)

FELIX: I actually can’t tell that in an interview :-)

As the best ones always are… What are 3 must not miss events for each of you in Aug?



BE SURE TO GO TO for more info.


Here at Vamos we have been working happily over the past month with two groups from the Swedish-based Hyper Island School. Students from Karlskrona and Stockholm each received different briefs to help tackle upcoming challenges for Vamos & Friends.  We are ecstatic about helping these future lords of business, giving them guidance, and allowing their creativity run free. I will be flying up to Sweden to meet with the group from Stockholm in person as they present the final client pitch.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about heading to this beautiful city. Obviously, the first thing I did was check out Vamos to see what type of events I could fit into my already tight schedule.  I think I found some really good ones that fit my love of style and adventure.

Thursday is all about the style with Stylein´s showroom/shop Spring Opening show from 16:00 to 19:00 this Thursday, HÖKENS GATA 5. Johanna N & Marc UÅ vernissage @ WOS Accessoarer, Hornsgatan 98, jumped out at me due to my love of sunglasses and interacting with people.  The location seems to be unique and should be a nice walk through between 17:00 and 20:00.  I plan on Finishing off the night with a bit of dancing @PLEASANT to try and get a taste of the Swedish nightlife . The party starts at around 22:00 and with Laura Bacaj and Klara Nov KLARA NOV spinning into the night.

With Friday being packed with meetings, I can only afford one event in the evening, and I think I got the right one picked out Gallery 2.35:1 presenting Robag Wruhme & Axel Boman @Berns starting at 23:00. This event is sure to have a great atmosphere to finish off the trip.

My bags are packed I am ready to go…… Stockholm here I come.

Stylin event :

WOS Accessoarer event :


Gallery 2.35:1 :

By Robert Novorolsky

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