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Hey Vamos

My name is Alexsander Shaje, Im 24 years old from Stockholm, Sweden and I am currently living in Berlin. I do music under the name “THE ALEXSANDER” and been traveling around the world with my music for the past 6 years. 

But now i´m officially based in Berlin, the city that inspires me, my music and of course the city of events and happenings! 

Stay tuned in and follow my top 5 list every month. Together with Vamos let me be your guide to “DOPE SHIET” in Berlin!


We had a chance to sit down with Eluize, September´s Vamos Brand Ambassador, as she preps to launch her new EP, October 6th with Exotic Refreshment, to talk over music, Berlin and everything she has coming up next. It all began with a meet up at Spreewaldplatz in Kreuzberg to get acquainted before heading out to grab a cup of coffee. We biked over to one of her favorite coffee shops Baretto, I was reminded of how many places i have still yet to see in this big city.

- So what is your name and where are you from?

My name is Eluize, I’m from Adelaide in South Australia

- and what do you do?

I do music. I’m a producer, DJ, vocalist and promoter.

- What makes a great event for you?

The perfect event is a great experience as a whole, no matter what you’re into. It’s the feeling you get when you wake up in the morning, possibly slightly battered from all the enjoyment from the day or night before, with a warm heart and smile on your face knowing you shared a really good time. For me it’s always a dance party or a live gig.

Firstly, I think it takes a great vision from the promoter to line up all the elements, the music, the space, the guests and staff that are going to enjoy the vibe they’ve created. Every interaction you have should add to the experience. Things like the sound system, music volume, lighting, interior design, temperature, drinks, amenities, safety, the right amount of people for the space, location, transport, all affect your feeling.

You want people that share the same passion to come together and have a good time as one. For all the pieces to fit together to create a seamless mood. It can be so therapeutic, to forget your worries and dance in a crowd of people you feel connected to by some mutual appreciation.

- What are your favorite venues in Berlin?

This city is incredible for places to go out. Where I end up depends on who’s playing and who’s party it is, I always check the line ups, but these are my staples:

Panorama Bar and Berghain, the caliber of artists they book there every week is incredible.

I love Farbfernseher for a cosy rave cave, great music and always an awesome vibe. Their garden on 1st of May is a must for me.

://aboutblank is also a favorite, they do some really excellent parties there and I love the garden on a Sunday afternoon.

Stattbad Wedding is a proper space, the cement, big sound and red lighting leave you with no doubt you’re at a serious party.

Watergate is an awesome place to DJ, and visually spectacular, watching the sun come up with ubahn going over the bridge is something really special.

Getting lost in the labyrinth that is Salon Zur Wilden Renate is always a trip.

Chalet Garden, Kosmonaut and Club Der Visionaire for other outdoor options when the sun is shining.

John Muir for a cheeky mid week wine or monday evening post weekend debrief.

 - Where do you like to travel to?

I love to travel all over, I’m totally addicted to it, it’s such an amazing way to learn about yourself and others and to be inspired. It’s hard to pick the next place because there’s just so much to experience.

I’m getting to see a lot more of Europe now that I’m based out of Berlin. I’d really like to explore more of Eastern Europe. On the warmer tip, I’ve never been to Portugal, Morocco or South America, they’re all high on the list. I’m heading to Lyon and Istanbul in the next month, both I’m excited about. I also love Asia, the cuisine and the culture is just so varied and amazing, right now I’m trying to arrange a trip back to Japan.

 - What do you have coming up?

September 10 is my next party at Farbfernseher, we have Urulu, Gratts, Mculo & yours truly on selection duties. It’s a super nice Wednesday night session, with good friends and good house music.

Next month I’m heading to ADE, and then back to Australia for a tour via Dubai in November.

 - Pick 5-10 events that you recommend in Sept.?

Here are some of things I wouldn’t miss: Follow my VAMOS EVENT LIST

September 6 : Klubnacht at Berghain/Panorama Bar

September 10 : Ein Mittwoch Im Farbfernseher

September 12 : Odd Fantastic at Stattbad

September 12 : Watergate Nacht

September 13 : 5 Years Get Deep with Motor City Drum Ensemble

September 19 : 7 Jahre Renate

September 26 : Keep It Unreal! Mr. Scruff at Gretchen

September 27 : Clubnight with Marcellus Pittman & Youandewan at Chalet

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