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Thursday is a free day, so all day and night people will be flooding the streets of Berlin. Here are a few different options to help you find the right blend of events to make your holiday special.

SPREEWALDPLATZ OPEN-AIR 2014, Spreewaldplatz , take advantage of this free open-air party that goes from 12pm until 3am. The event is free booming both German and Swedish DJ’s like I/Y, David Winkler, and Isaiah Pellarp playing some smashing techno sounds.

LUZIA MAY FIRST 2014, Oranienstraße 34, This should be an outstanding event right in the heart of Kreuzberg. Its a free events with artists from Britian, Finland, and Germany;such as Landomusic, DJ Paypal, Hrdvsion.

ERSTER MAI // FIRST OF MAY at Club  der Visonaere , Am Flutgraben 1 , This is a great place for those that are trying to get away from the crowds of open-air parties. Giving you a place to relax, enjoy a beer and some fresh air along the water.

1. Mai Locke Müller Open Air , Spreewaldplatz, Locke Müller gives you the bass with the one function that Love & the beer that you need on May 1. Artist are like Spencer Parker, Ben Rau, and Peter Bounce will produce grand jams that echo into the Spree forest.

LICHTPARK OPENING 2014, Michaelkirchstr. 22, Officially opening the doors for the 2014 season and indeed a whole weekend! This event starts each day by 2pm and then goes into the evening hours. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Tons of artist will be in and out all weekend including Empro, Thomas Lizzara, and Sebastian Kremer.

Hope you all have a great holiday and even better weekend. As always Vamos is there for you to guide you to the top events around the world. cheers Robert Novorolsky