Vamos - The Event Guide

If you party in Berlin, concert in Amsterdam, exhibition in Stockholm, dine in Milan, and pub in London then you are in the right place.

The Vamos Blog helps you find the right places to go with our Brand ambassadors recommendations and insights.

If you live in a big city you’re constantly missing out on all the fun happening around you. Until today it’s been a full time job to keep up. Vamos is an app that thousands of people the world all over are using every week to navigate cities and keep themselves updated.

The design of the iOS app was Inspired by great artists such as Toulouse Lautrec, Alfons Mucha, the Bauhaus movement and Jason Munn. At a first glance the app looks very simple, listing nearby events into one place. Just like iTunes’ music covers - every event poster is integrated with contextual data such as maps, Instagram photos from the venue, friends attending and then turned into a colorful collage of relevant information.



○ 4.3 average rating in the App Store
○ Chosen as “1/10 app ideas that can change the way we travel… forever” by Venture Village
○ Live in 50 markets

○ Finalist as “Global app of the year” at MPA ’13 at the Mobile World Congress
○ Has an own TV show about life as indie developers on Deutsche Welle
○ Translated into 14 languages
○ Releasing their 2.0 in the App Store today on the 1st of March